How to find the right staff?

There are some basic skills to find the right staff:

Posting the advertisement

To find the right staff, you will need to correctly write the job advertisement and post it to the right place. The commonly used platforms for posting jobs are Gumtree, Joral Local, Facebook, Seek, etc. We will cover this topic in the shop development in details.

Screening & Shortlisting

Once applicants flow inside, you will need to screen their resumes to validate if their skills match with the job position. You might also want to shortlist a few candidates for future interviews and trials. Click here to read more.

Interview & Trial

During the Interview and Trial, the candidate would show that if they are really as what they have claimed. Some people may bluffer their experiences, and cannot perform the duties. You will need to be very careful before offering them the position and getting on board.


Regardless of what kind of experience the candidate might have, all of them need to get proper training before getting on board. We highly suggest you to prepare a standard training system to allow efficient training for the new people.

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